Native Market Data

Fixnetix delivers real-time, native (‘Raw’) market data from over 100 exchanges and electronic communication networks (ECNs) globally. The market data feeds are unmodified from their native exchange format, carried to the client via multicast or TCP/IP connectivity (dependent on the venue in question).

Native market data can be distributed in three different ways; in co-location with the venue, to other data centres on the Fixnetix network, or direct to the client premises.

Co-located delivery of native market data offers the lowest latency solution. Wherever possible, Fixnetix is an official co-location provider for markets on-net. A client can also have native market data delivered to any other data centre in the Fixnetix ecosystem. More than one feed can be deployed in order to allow the client to consume native market data from one exchange to multiple data centres.

The service can be offered on a shared or dedicated basis. For clients wanting dedicated delivery of native market data, Fixnetix offers cross connects from dedicated client switches to the exchange. This set-up gives the client optimal use and capacity of the connection and a minimum number of network devices between themselves and the venue, lowering latency further.

Fixnetix works closely with clients to understand the flow of signals and volumes in order to understand the requirements for each and every market. The network is monitored for availability, capacity, as well as end-to-end latency and all connectivity is fully resilient and diverse, including access to ECN or exchange disaster recovery (DR) sites. 

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