Market Data Management

The administration and daily management of platforms and processes associated with a bank’s consumption of market data can be an overwhelming complex and expensive drain on internal resources. For clients that want to achieve a more cost effective and operationally efficient method for market data management, Fixnetix offers a fully managed, fully outsourced approach utilising Fixnetix as a shared utility.

By fully outsourcing market data management to Fixnetix, clients obtain a market data platform management, support and administration service that can scale, also removing the burden of managing a specialised piece of infrastructure. Fixnetix has produced reductions in the cost of ownership by up to 30% to date.

Market Data Management

Our specialist market data management team can assist on a consultancy basis in identifying how clients can achieve cost savings and enhance performance across a diverse number of areas within market data management, including:

  • Analysis: usage & product analysis, usage control, reporting & cost control
  • Administration: global administration of market data repositories, contracts, user requests, invoice processing, data declarations in accordance with vendor rules & data access control
  • Compliance: auditing of applications, contract reviews, defining potential risk exposure of the business & making recommendations to improve current processes
  • Engineering: optimisation of design & usage of architecture, operational support, monitoring and day-to-day running

Suggestions for improvement and the implementation of these can be made at a business level, team or product level, right down to the individual.