Normalised Market Data

The Fixnetix Market Data Platform delivers normalised market data to clients through a single API connected to a fully managed, resilient and scalable service.

Built with a client accessible monitoring capability for items such as system availability, status and latency. Connected to all the primary Pan-European Equities and primary Futures and Derivatives markets with continuous market growth.

The Fixnetix Market Data Platform is designed with modular feed handlers utilising distributed architecture to deliver significantly improved latency between the exchange and client applications. The distributed architecture is designed to operate effectively in all environments. Deployed either in co-location for optimised performance or close proximity to the exchange.

  • Flexible contract terms and single straightforward commercial agreement
  • Fully managed distributed architecture
  • Multi-location access, with co-located or close proximity hosted solutions
  • Implemented in C, designed for Unix platforms, at home on Linux
  • Fully resilient and scalable
  • Fully compliant exchange entitlements system
  • Fully managed service with 24/7 dedicated support



Fixnetix Market Data Platform distributed architecture design

Normalised Market Data