Normalised Market Data

The iX-Max market data feed protocol and distribution platform has been brought into prominence over the last few years by Fixnetix to address a variety of requirements. iX-Max is 100% Fixnetix owned and developed by our staff. Therefore our ability to respond to enhancement requests from clients, bug fixes and exchange mandated changes is significantly improved over the offerings of 3rd party providers.

iX-Max feed handlers and the distribution architecture beneath the handlers (where applicable) are now proven to be capable of delivering significantly improved latency over some of the legacy handlers provided by 3rd parties. Depending on the market and the hardware platform, latency reductions average between 25-50%. For this reason alone, some of our clients have taken the step to migrate to iX-Max.

iX-Max is built with a client accessible monitoring capability, which enables clients to see the same information that Fixnetix accesses in order to monitor specific items such as system availability, status, latency etc. The level of transparency this brings is something which has been important to our customers.

Fixnetix has completed the development of all the primary European Cash Equities and selected primary Futures and Derivatives markets for iX-Max. Our market coverage continues to grow based on client demand- we are happy to support iX-Max in individual environments and we will provide sample code, documentation and access to UAT environments. While we are motivated to facilitate a migration with the minimum effort on the part of the client, we recognise there will be some work required and we will support you through this process as required.

Depending on the individual client's requirements, iX-Max can be deployed in a variety of ways- whether in co-location for optimised performance or centrally for a multiple market delivery. The iX-Max distributed architecture is well placed to serve large or small scale requirements equally well.

In summary, the iX-Max feed allows Fixnetix to continue to provide managed market data feed services via an environment which we are fully in control of and where our dependency on multiple 3rd parties is dramatically reduced. The result is that Fixnetix can offer a more effective service model, giving our customers service transparency and allowing us to work closely with our customers for new requirements which we can control directly.