iX-Eye is a multi-market pre-trade risk management system. It maintains a real-time view of all trading activity with three essential functions: monitoring trade flow in real-time, application and business level configuration of trading systems – both Fixnetix in-house and third party products - and real-time intraday administrative functionality, such as stop trading, order cancellation and modifying per-client trading limits and per-venue restriction lists. It can be configured to display all trades in a unified currency and has been designed to enable you to have full control over trade limits across multiple execution platforms.

The features of the application include:

  • Monitor all trades in real time and view order flow to and from clients and trading venues
  • Single command to cancel all orders across multiple platforms allowing total control
  • Adjust limits in real time
  • Specify how PnL is calculated and react to margin breaches
  • Quickly set and control post-trade limits across multiple markets, EM’s and accounts irrespective of front-end execution software used
  • Monitor alerts and risk control orders by clients, account and trader ID across multiple markets
  • Real time alerts to identify immediate issues
  • Reconcile, analyse, permission and view real time consideration
  • Full administration controls
  • Full audit and logging capability