iX-eCute is an embedded hardware based pre-trade risk control system, logically designed to provide real time pre-trade risk assessment in addition to real time market data and trading connectivity to a variety of venues. Trading times are in the single digit microseconds.

The features of the service include:

  • Fully hardware encapsulated TCP/IP/Ethernet stack with support for retransmissions, jumbo frames, VLAN tagging and dynamic windowing.
  • Full order life cycle held on card for full risk check coverage
  • Deterministic latency performance regardless of order load up-to-line rate
  • Reduced server footprint and power requirements
  • SEC C15-3 risk checks, IIROC risk checks, APAC-specific regulations
  • Multi-session capability
  • Market data input directly to card for live price tolerance and market order price calculations
  • Drop copy feeds from card for back office integration and regulatory compliance
  • Proprietary interface to Fixnetix GUI 'iX-Eye' for order flow monitoring and SOD/ intraday limit and restriction configuration
  • Live latency monitoring via Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) nanosecond time stamping with dashboard view in iX-Eye

The iX-eCute service operates four times faster than a standard FPGA. Each piece of iX-eCute software has a bespoke design, tailored to each customer, which further reduces latency.

As with all Fixnetix services, iX-eCute is supported by experts 24/7.