Connectivity & Infrastructure

Fixnetix provides global connectivity through its ultra-low latency backbone, consisting of over 40 data centres and access to over 90 key liquidity venues. Designed specifically for electronic trading participants, the Fixnetix ‘meshed’ environment utilises dark fibre, DWDM as well as microwave and has been constructed to offer 100% resiliency. It automatically selects the next best path in the event of any circuit failure.

A minimal fibre mile per route reduces propagation delay and Fixnetix connectivity is carrier agnostic, nurturing local and global partnerships to ensure the best solution from over 30 providers, ensuring that the best route is available. When required, Fixnetix can support dedicated client connectivity to any on-net location.

Fixnetix is a Vendor of Record (VoR) and Network Service Provider (NSP) offering global market data and trading services in key data centres that house the worlds’ liquidity venues. This allows Fixnetix to deliver the most optimised services from each exchange/ MTF/ ECN and our coverage enables quick and efficient client on-boarding via local cross connectivity and network routing for those clients already on-net.

We offer fully managed customer environments within the 40+ data centres where we are located which is based on bespoke customer requirements under robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

  • Hardware consultancy, procurement, build, installation and support
  • Hardware-as-a-service
  • Cross connect procurement, installation and support
  • Enhanced security options, caging, physical and virtual access controls
  • Remote hands support
  • 24/7 support and monitoring
  • Customer on-boarding service

We work in the present with the future in mind, deploying full monitoring of the infrastructure inclusive of a ‘refresh’ programme, to future proof our connectivity solutions.