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Dow passes 20,000
31 January 2017

The Dow Jones passed 20,000 on January 25th, meaning that the index has doubled in value in 17 years.

BATS introduces Minimum Acceptable Quantity
12 September 2016

BATS is updating its Periodic Auctions book with Minimum Acceptable Quantity for traders who deal in larger sizes.

Shake-up in US Treasury clearing market now shaken-down
09 September 2016

Direct Match, a company that has been trying to shake-up the US Treasury market has suffered a major setback, leading it to suggest that there are deep problems in US Treasury clearing.

BATS changes incentive schemes for traders
07 September 2016

BATS Global Markets, Inc. has announced changes to its incentive schemes for market makers who play a pivotal role throughout the life cycle of ETPs.

Goldman lines up for revolution in electronic corporate bond trading
05 September 2016

Goldman Sachs ramps up computer system for allowing traders to buy and sell corporate bonds electronically.

Preparing for MiFID II - what is the latest?
01 September 2016

The FCA recently released a second consultation paper on MiFID II, as the scene continues to be set for a 2018 implementation.

What will quantum computing mean for high-frequency trading?
31 August 2016

Quantum computing is coming, what will it mean for high-frequency trading?

BATS partner with BIDS to offer new block trading service
24 August 2016

BATS LIS will offer market participants the ability to trade large blocks of European equities without revealing their IOI to the wider market.

US exchanges unite to try and stop a repeat of August 2015 flash crash
22 August 2016

The three biggest US exchanges are doing their bit to ensure that any future flash crashes are avoided and any possible impact minimised.

High performance computing spend to rise nearly 50 per cent by 2019
19 August 2016

According to IDC, the high performance computing (HPC) market, will see revenues rise from $21 billion in 2014 to $31.3 billion in 2019.

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