Fixnetix's iX-eCute Now Approved For Use In Two Major Australian Venues

London and Sydney- 12th January 2015

Fixnetix is pleased to announce that it has now launched iX-eCute, its Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) risk management hardware solution, for both the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and Chi-X Australia.

The iX-eCute® solution provides a platform offering full marketplace conformance, comprehensive risk checks and extensive throttling capabilities for Australian equities. These launches build on already incorporated functionality, designed to meet the requirements of increasing global risk management regulation. The Australian solution provides for an industry leading performance of sub 3.5µs round-trip-time for an independently terminated client and venue design; such a method is often preferred over simpler ‘packet sniffing’ technologies by regulators. The solution also required the development and deployment of a new market data feed-handler, known as iX-Max, given the unique vagaries of the marketplace.

“Due to similarities with other markets already live in Australia, Fixnetix has been able to leverage existing code-base to incorporate the specific requirements of the Chi-X® Australia trading system easily” said Dr Marcus Perrett, Director of Development at Fixnetix, “with Chi-X® Australia live, we now have both major Australian equity markets supported withiX-eCute® and iX-Max”.

Fixnetix has patented sophisticated technology that provides isolated client and venue sessions via dual TCP/IP offload engines (‘TOE’) and has recently celebrated its second year of client deployment in North America and Asia of the iX-eCute® solution in this configuration.