Fixnetix Adds New Service Locations to Global Infrastructure

London - 6th November 2014

The Fixnetix infrastructure consists of more than 40 data centres from which we provide hosting and connectivity for our clients. We are pleased to say that we have 5 new additions to our portfolio of data centres and can now offer shared or dedicated cabinet space to our clients in:

  • SY2- Sydney, Australia
  • TY3- Tokyo, Japan
  • JPX- Tokyo, Japan
  • TDC1- Tokyo,Japan
  • JSE- Johannesburg, South Africa

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange launched its proximity hosting option in May. Fixnetix was one of the first to locate within this facility and can now provide roundtrip latencies of 150 microseconds. This is a significant improvement to the roundtrip latency of 2550 microseconds that the next closest data centre in the suburbs of Johannesburg provides.

We have also been building out our European backbone as part of our continuous efforts to improve our network. Five of our core data centres- ZH4 in Zurich, NYSE Basildon, FR2 in Frankfurt, PAR2 in Paris and HP La Rozas in Madrid have been included in this upgrade, which has resulted in improved latencies and additional capacity for clients.

These new data centres are proof that Fixnetix is responding effectively to the requests of clients and the trends of the capital markets, and we are excited about the opportunities that this brings for our customers. If you cannot see a location of interest to you on our data centre map, please contact your Account Director at Fixnetix, as we are looking to add new venues and locations all the time.

We recently opened a New York office. We can now be found on the Avenue of the Americas, in order to be closer to our growing US client base. The office can be found at:

Fixnetix Inc., Suite 2057, 1345 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10105

Fixnetix now has four offices- London, New York, Boston and Tokyo. The opening of the New York office reflects our global ambitions, as well as being a physical demonstration of our clients support and our growth.

The opening of the New York office forms just one part of a significant infrastructure build out which Fixnetix is embarking upon across North America. We are also adding three new data centres to our backbone in North America- DC6 in Washington DC, 400 S.LaSalle in Chicago and 1 North End Avenue in New York. Fixnetix is pleased to be able to offer capacity in these additional data centres, as it vastly improves the service that we offer to clients in North America. For more information about our recent build out in the US and how we could offer you additional services in this region, please contact your Account Director.