BATS Europe launches FTSE rival

BATS Europe last week launched a rival financial market to the FTSE group of indices to tackle what it described as a "monopolised" market.

The BATS UK 100 (BUK100), like the FTSE 100, leads the way in a group of 18 new stock indices. 

BATS Europe said services from the new indices will be "aggressively" priced, "with a long term commitment to materially reducing costs [to] all investors." The indices will cover a broad range of securities - both large and small cap - across 12 industries. 

The company said prices will be published in real-time, whereas the majority of current indices publish prices with a 15-minute delay. 

Also unique is the base value of 10,000 points give to each index, which BATS Europe said "will ensure the performance of the markets and sectors is easy to compare."

Speaking to City A.M, BATS Europe Chief Executive Mark Hemsley said: "If you look at environments where there isn't competition, you tend to have poor efficiency, too high pricing, lack of innovation, all of those... And that's just where the exchange world has come from."

"Customers actually just [got] to the point where they [were] frustrated enough to want to change... And we were the natural lightning rod for that frustration, saying: "Please come in and do something about this."

Sara Wilson, Head of Platform Proposition at Alliance Trust Savings, one of the brokers and wealth management firms supporting the launch of the new indices, said: "The launch of the new indices is extremely positive news for the industry, giving investors the chance to access real-time stock market information from a respected source."