Archive of: April, 2016

LSE warning over adaptability
05 April 2016

LSE chief Xavier Rolet has warned rivals that they need to adapt to quickly changing market landscapes or lose out. Transforming financial markets have seen LSE propose a $20bn all-share merger with Deutsche Bӧrse.

ASX relaxes approach to ownership restrictions
07 April 2016

The Australian Securities Exchange control over equity clearing is set to be relaxed, as well as ownership restrictions.

Debate over IEX's application continue
08 April 2016

An application by IEX to introduce a speed bump of 350 microseconds into its system has sparked arguments about the way shares are transacted globally.

Second attempt at listing for Bats Global Markets
11 April 2016

Kansas-based Bats Global Markets is pushing for a listing on its own market, a move that will hopefully inspire activity in US IPOs.

GreySpark predicts continued large-scale change for financial industry
13 April 2016

Consultancy firm GreySpark Partners has said global investment banks must draw on technologies developed first in the automotive and aerospace industries, if they are to stay ahead in the digital arms race.

Benefits of Deutsche Börse deal with LSE challenged by Derivatives investors
19 April 2016

Clouds of scepticism are gathering among derivative-dependent traders and investors, as to whether an impending deal between Deutsche Börse and LSE will bring any benefits.

CME to close New York Trading Floor
20 April 2016

As the industry continues to move towards electronic trading, CME Group announces it will close its New York options trading floor.