Archive of: February, 2016

CSC Fixnetix Showcases at ITS London 2016
05 February 2016

CSC Fixnetix CTO Dr Marcus Perrett and Commercial Director Jason Mochine talk next generation ‘zero’ latency risk controls at this year’s Intelligent Trading Summit London.

High-Frequency Trader warns of potential market disruption
08 February 2016

A key figure in the world of high-frequency trading has highlighted how oversights in regulation could lead to a future problems for the increasingly electronic financial markets.

Zero Latency: Making Trading Risk Checks Compliant and High-Speed
22 February 2016

The latest industry perspective from CSC Banking & Capital Markets focusses on pre-trade risk control & how CSC Fixnetix is revolutionising this space

Demand increases for further transparency on US Treasury Market
23 February 2016

A new drive has emerged to enable big banks to access information from the US Treasury Market, estimated to be around $13 trillion.

Banks eavesdrop on traders suspected of abusing markets
24 February 2016

While increasing amounts of money are being put into ridding the financial markets of underhanded practises, banks have started to take a less technologically advanced tack in a bid to ensure traders play by the rules.