Archive of: January, 2016

Exchange traded products targeted by SEC after August volatility
12 January 2016

Price surges that hit Wall Street last summer are to come under the scrutiny of US regulators who are considering new market controls that would offer protection against wild swings in price.

Debt-market fixing tackled by US Department of Justice
15 January 2016

The US Department of Justice is looking into a potential case of manipulation on the government-sponsored debt market.

China U-turn stokes circuit breaker debate
18 January 2016

China’s attempt to offset market swings has resurrected the debate on whether circuit breakers are a curse or a blessing for market volatility.

CSC Fixnetix to be a Gold Sponsor of the Intelligent Trading Summit 2016
19 January 2016

CSC Fixnetix is pleased to announce participation in the Intelligent Trading Summit in London, on the 4th of February.