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US judge dismisses dark pool lawsuit against Barclays
01 September 2015

A district court judge in the US has thrown out a lawsuit brought against Barclays and several US exchanges, that accused the bank of fixing its dark pool trading venue in favour of high frequency traders.

More market support demanded from Chinese companies
04 September 2015

Listed companies are having pressure put on them by four Chinese regulatory agencies that feel more could be done to help dwindling share prices.

BATS Chi-X Europe to launch continuous auctions for share trading
10 September 2015

Investors will be able to trade large blocks of shares throughout the trading day when Europe’s largest stock exchange introduces its new order book for continuous auctions next month.

Exchanges move towards credit swaps trading
16 September 2015

Intercontinental Exchange is to re-launch its electronic trading platform, following its failure to get it off the ground in early 2014.

Exchange status officially sought by IEX
21 September 2015

Regulators in the US have finally received an application from dark pool IEX to become a stock exchange.

More international clearing hubs in line for recognition
23 September 2015

Brussels is about to recognise five more countries as in possession of “equivalent” regulations to international clearing houses.

Investment bank support grows for blockchain
25 September 2015

Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are amoung the financial giants aligning to accomodate blockchain technology in the hope of spreading its usage across the financial sector.

ESMA announces delay in the release of MiFID II and MiFIR
25 September 2015

The publication of MiFID II and MiFIR has slipped further into next week, after suffering numerous delays in the last few months.

Outflow anxiety prompts new regulations on liquidity
28 September 2015

US financial rule-makers have moved to galvanise regulation for mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

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