Archive of: June, 2015

Improve the performance of your front office with Fixnetix
05 June 2015

Financial institutions are increasingly finding themselves having to compromise. Rising costs mean that large investment banks often resort to utilising a shared corporate infrastructure – which can make all the difference if you are trying to compete within a low latency electronic trading environment.​

The Fixnetix iFX EXPO 2015 Survey Results
09 June 2015

The findings of the Fixnetix FX Survey, taken by our team at the iFX EXPO 2015

Capital Markets Union Attractive to Europe's Corporate Borrowers
11 June 2015

A drive is underway to inject fresh life into the Eurozone corporate bond market to address the falling figure of corporate loans issued by banks.

Could We See a 'Triple Taper Tantrum'?
15 June 2015

Central banks must have a plan to bring their economies off monetary accommodation without upsetting the markets.

Greek Shares Drop After EU Talks Collapse
17 June 2015

Markets in Greece have taken a tumble after discussions with creditors in Brussels ended without an agreement being reached on Sunday.

A Short History of 'Equification'
22 June 2015

A look at how post-2008 regulations have forever changed the landscape of trading and the role that Fixnetix has to play in this new world.

Calls for Increased Monitoring in Asset Management
24 June 2015

One of Europe’s biggest cash managers has called for more regulation in the asset management industry to address worries over poor bond trading conditions.

Dovish Fed Prompts Slip for Dollar and Sovereign Bond Yields
26 June 2015

Investors banking on a slow US interest rate rise have led to a weakening in core sovereign bonds and the dollar slumping to a new low for this month.