Archive of: May, 2015

Eurozone Stocks and Optimsim in Greece Grow
05 May 2015

European markets held firm last week as hopes grew that Greece’s bailout negotiations could open doors to crucial funds.

US Banks Keen to Slow-Up Reporting on Corporate Bonds Trades
07 May 2015

In a bid to minimise the chance of a liquidity crisis, US banks’ attempts to slow down reports of major corporate bond trades comes at an unfavourable time.

Guarding Against a Future Flash Crash
12 May 2015

Jason Mochine, Commercial Director at Fixnetix, examines how technology can play a key role in preventing incidents like the Flash Crash.

Stocks Soar Post-Election as Conservative Win Eliminates Market Uncertainties
13 May 2015

Investors have welcomed David Cameron’s fresh mandate, with the Tory victory heralding a boost for the sterling share and bond prices.

Fixnetix Drives High Returns with Lenovo Partnership
21 May 2015

A case study looking at how Fixnetix utilises Lenovo solutions and support to deliver speed, service and savings where it counts

Finance Leaders Advise to Take Action on Possible Bubble
22 May 2015

Financial chiefs have urged authorities around the world to prepare for the possibility of financial instability in the wake of ultra-low interest rates.

Bank of England to Look Further into High-Frequency Trading
26 May 2015

High-Frequency Trading is to come under closer inspection as the Bank of England considers how to give further protection to the financial system.