Fixnetix Breaks One Second Microsecond Barrier

LONDON - 14th June 2011

Fixnetix announced today that its FPGA microchip iX-eCute for ultra-low latency trading is now the world’s fastest trading appliance for the financial markets. Customers are now seeing latencies as low as 740 nanoseconds through the stack (wire-to-wire). 

Matt Dangerfield, the Director of Trading Solutions at Fixnetix said:

“iX-eCute is a one-stop solution for speed as well as regulatory change (20+ pre-risk checks taking less than a 100 nano seconds) as its consistent deterministic performance guarantees the speed of every order without latency impact. One order has the same system latency as one million orders per second; this is a crucial point in trading and one which is often over looked.”

Hugh Hughes, Chief Executive of Fixnetix, had this to add:

“Fixnetix continues to prove we are the fastest, most reliable and efficient system in the world. iX-eCute encapsulates our commitment to innovation by offering global customers the world’s fastest trading gateway.”