Fixnetix to Offer Fastest Possible Access to Trading and Data on the London Stock Exchange

LONDON - 18th October 2010

Fixnetix announced today that the London Stock Exchange Group has confirmed access to their co-location facility is now available to vendors and service providers. The advantages of receiving the closest proximity to the exchange matching engines will help meet the demands of lowest latency for data and trading. Banks, Hedge Funds, and Proprietary Trading Groups looking to trade LSEG products will also be able to access the Fixnetix private network for all asset classes with over 54 plus markets worldwide; leveraging the ability for liquidity arbitrage and trading flexibility. The allowance for more than one third party vendor to offer trading customers access, breaks history for the LSEG; strengthening their goal of neutrality.

“We are pleased to offer the fastest trading and data for LSEG products to our global customer base” says Hugh Hughes, Chief Executive of Fixnetix. “Fixnetix will be maintaining our existing status as a Network Service Provider (NSP) for the London Stock Exchange Group. This latest development continues along our company philosophy of offering customers the lowest latency and broadest access possible.”