Fixnetix Offers Direct Market Access to CME Group

LONDON - 9th June 2010

Fixnetix announced today that co-location to Chicago-based CME Group is now possible. Fixnetix customers will now be able to trade US futures in addition to all other asset classes currently available, through cross connections to 55+ markets worldwide. CME Group will gain volume momentum from other asset class players looking to diversify into US futures trading.

Hugh Hughes, Chief Executive of Fixnetix said:

“We offer the fastest, most reliable trading and data services to seven out of the top ten Investment Banks in the world, the majority of the leading Hedge Funds, as well as many other trading entities. Offering the ability to trade CME Group products within co-location expands our offerings and continues in our quest to meet high frequency trading customer demands.”

The Fixnetix and Chicago co-location to CME Group is a strategic collaboration for both organizations. Fixnetix grew up in the European Equity/ Futures/ Derivatives trading space. The ability for current and prospective trading customers to trade CME along with all asset classes will bring more exposure to US futures markets from the European trading community looking to co-locate for low latency trading and data.

“Robust, low latency trading across multiple markets provided by Fixnetix delivers the core infrastructure needed by traders and exchanges to facilitate fast, accurate deployment of capital and continue the tremendous growth that the industry has achieved in the the last decade” commented Alex Wilkinson, 25 year veteran of the futures markets and most recently Global Co-Head of Futures and Base Metals at RBC.